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Where the margin is 2022

13-th International Conference for agricultural producers
and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services

February 10-11, 2022

Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel

Conference organizer:

Draft conference program


Download: February 12 (*.pdf, 226 Kb; *.doc, 74 Kb)

February 11


Registration and welcome coffee

Conference opening


Session 1

Round table:
«Situation and outlook of the agricultural and crop insurance»

  • Korney Bizhdov, President, National union of agricultural insurers
  • Sergey Prostatin, General director, RSKB-Strakhovanie, JS


Coffee break


Session 2

Agro-technological update

Participants (in a random order): Liliani, Geomir, Agrosignal, BASF, Shchelkovo-Agrochem, Cognitive Pilot, Trimble, Digital Agro and their agricultural partners

«Liliani's digital solutions: investments assessments in agricultural logistics and grain stocks management»

  • Armen Nalbandyan, General director, Liliani LLC

«New challenges in soybean production. New BASF solutions and services»

  • Pavel Vasilyev, Team Lead Seed Treatment Solutions, company «BASF»
  • Yulia Kolesnikova, Marketing crop manager soybean, legumes & sugar beet, company «BASF»

Schelkovo Agrohim
«Soybeans - marginality element for effective agribusiness»

  • Salis Karakotov, General director, Schelkovo Agrohim


Coffee break



  • Lavrentiy Plotnikov, Head of Digitalization and Software Products Department, Trimble Russia and CIS

Cognitive Pilot – Ekotechnika AG
«Artificial intelligence application for controlling agricultural machinery»

  • Andrey Chernogorov, Co-founder, Cognitive Pilot
  • Artem Novikov, Head of Smart Farming Department, Ekotechnika AG

Digital Agro - Mangazeya Agro

  • Thomas Dorenwendt, President, Digital Agro
  • Irina Meshkova, General director, «Mangazeya Agro»


  • Svetlana Mizera, Director, Business development, Agrosignal

GEOMIR - Rostagro

  • Ilya Voronkov, Executive director, GEOMIR JS
  • Maxim Nizhnik, IT director, Rostagro JS




Networking Buffet

February 12


Registration and welcome coffee


Conference opening

Welcome speech by First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dzhambulat Khatuov


Session 1

The world and Russian agricultural and food markets: situation and outlook

Moderator: Andrey Bodin, Chairman, Russian Sugar Union

«World exporter wheat socks tighten on demand - Corn/Soy adds to world wheat bullishness»

  • Dan Basse, President and CEO, Agresource, Chicago, IL

«Domestic agricultural and food markets: "automatic" and / or manual control»

  • Dmitry Rylko, General director, IKAR LLC

«Key macroeconomic and industry trends in 2021»

  • Dmitry Tarasov, Head, Department of macroeconomic analysis, Rosselkhozbank JS
  • Andrey Dalnov, Head, Center for Branch expertise, Russian Agricultural Bank JS


Coffee break


Session 2

State support and financing of agriculture

Moderator: Natalia Shagaida, Director of Center of Agricultural and Food policy, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

«State support of the agricultural sector at the present stage»

  • Elena Fastova, Deputy Russian Minister of Agriculture

Q&A session with the Conference participants

  • Irina Zhachkina, Member of the Board, First Deputy Chairman of the Board Russian Agricultural Bank

«Rosagroleasing JSC: responding to new challenges»

  • Vladimir Balter, First deputy general director, Rosagroleasing JS

«New tools in pre-harvest finance»

  • Ksenia Bolomatova, Deputy General Director, United Grains Company


Session 3

F-to-F in EU and Green Standard in Russia

Moderator: Nikolay Lychev, Managing Partner of Agrotrend.ru

  • Tadzio Schilling, Chief Executive Officer, The Association of European Businesses
  • Evgeny Kupreev, Deputy Chief of Staff, PhosAgro




Session 4

Round table on the Law on Grain (signed on December 30 by the Russian President)

  • Juliya Koroleva, Director, Federal Center of Grain Quality Control
  • Sabina Sodikova, General director, Agrozan Commodities Russia
  • Alexander Shenderjuk-Zhidkov, Director, Sodrugestvo Management Company


Session 5

Round table on Digitalization and AI for agriculture

Moderator: Alexey Ugarov, General director, Agrokultura LTD

  • Bjoerne Drechsler, Member of BoD of EkoNiva; Chairman, Smart Farming Club

«AI in crop production: experience and future of Rostselmash, 2018-2030»

  • Oleg Alexandrov, Head for innovations, Rostselmash Group of Companies

«Traceability system of mineral fertilizers. Challenges and opportunities»

  • Maxim Zatochny, Director of Development, PhosAgro-Region
  • Anna Kudinova, General director, ExactFarming

«Syngenta product + services: digital agronomy era begins»

  • Roman Martynov, Director, Digital services, Syngenta (Cropio)

«AI walks through the fields»

  • Sergey Romanov, Director for agriculture, SAS Institute, Ltd.
  • Sergey Tkachenko, Director, R&D, IT Agroholding Steppe

Guests of session:

  • Leonid Yakovlev, Project manager, CLAAS
  • Denis Dudkin, Business Director for Agriculture, Trimble


Coffee break


Session 6

Round table of the leaders of domestic agribusiness associations «Domestic end-users and consumers protection vs. interests of domestic agribusiness: searching for equilibrium»

Moderator: Igor Abakumov, Producer of the program «Rural Hour»

  • Artyom Belov, General director, Russian Dairy Union
  • Andrey Bodin, Chairman, Russian Sugar Union
  • Eduard Zernin, Chairman of the Board, Russian Union of grain exporters (possibly online)
  • Yuri Kovalev, General director, Nation Union of Pig Growers
  • Alexander Korbut, Vice-President, Russian grain union
  • Mikhail Maltsev, Executive director, the Union of VegOil Crushers




«Feast in time of COVID-19»: traditional jazz-band and reception from the organizers (hotel guarantees maximum safety conditions of the participants)

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