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IKAR invites 6-7 February in Moscow at the IX International agrarian conference WHERE THE MARGIN 2019

IKAR, 25.10.18

The Conference "Where the margin is 2019" will be held on February 6-7, 2019, in the Radisson Slavianskaya Hotel in Moscow.


10-th International Conference for agricultural producers and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services is meant for agricultural producers, farm land investors, inputs manufacturers, dealers and distributors, financiers, insurers, agribusiness investors, policy makers.

We believe the Conference will stimulate the exchange of news and new ideas, establish new business contacts, and contribute to better corporate strategies and government decisions.

Over the previous nine years, the Conference has become the highest caliber event covering CIS agricultural sector. It features the most qualified speakers, attendance of the highest ranking agribusiness executives, and a large productive capacity (since inception, the «land bank» of attending companies increased from 2.7 to 6.5 MHA of arable land).

The conference is meant for big and biggest agricultural producers, ag inputs manufacturers, dealers and distributors, financiers, insurers, agricultural and agribusiness investors, policy makers.

The purpose of the Conference is to create the platform where agricultural producers and their counterparts along the vertical supply chain meet together and have a complex discussion on opportunities and challenges of the upcoming crop marketing year and the years ahead.

As usual, among the 2019 Conference speakers are to be:

  • Key industry financiers and investors
  • Technological leaders
  • Reps of leading domestic agricultural and agribusiness companies
  • High ranking reps of key state regulatory and ag policies agencies

The format of the Conference is two days. First day the conference will be held from 14:00 to 18:30 and will be devoted to most acute issues of domestic agriculture. Second day will be held in a traditional format.

During all the conference lifetime the IKAR team of analysts will be available for informal talks on various vertical commodity markets, such as grains, oilseeds, sugar, meats, dairy and vegetables.

Over the previous nine years the Conference has become the highest caliber event for the Russian and CIS agribusiness. On February 6-7, 2019, we, as usual, will offer the participants the most acute and adequate agenda, highly qualified speakers, and attendance of the highest ranking agribusiness executives. We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at our event!

Among the speakers and round table participants:

  • Artyom Belov, Executive director, National union of milk producers
  • Andrey Bodin, Chairman, Russian sugar union
  • Yuri Kovalev, General director, Union of pig producers
  • Sergey Korolev, President, National union of vegetables producers
  • Eugenia Uvarkina, Chairman, Agroindustrial Commission of the Public Chamber, Chairman of the Board, Trio Group of Companies

The conference keynote speaker: Dr. Bill Wilson, the Distinguished Professor of NDSU.

Dr. William W. Wilson received his PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba in 1980, then he has been a Professor at North Dakota State University in Agribusiness and Applied Economics with periodic sabbaticals at Stanford University. Recently, he was named as a University Distinguished Professor and the CHS Chair in Risk Management and Trading at NDSU which is an endowed position.

His focus is risk and strategy as applied to agriculture and agribusiness with a particular focus on procurement, transportation and logistics, international marketing and competition.

He routinely has projects and/or overseas clients and travels internationally 1 week per month. He currently has projects and/or clients in US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, China, and Australia and served as a Board member of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange for 12 years, on the FGIS Advisory Board, and currently serves as a Board member of several regional firms and NCH Capital.

He regularly consults with major agribusiness firms on topics related to above and has worked extensively in the following industries: logistics, procurement strategy, railroads, barges, ocean shipping, elevators, processed products and etc.

He was recognized as one of the top 10 Agricultural Economists in 1995 and more recently as one of the top 1% of agricultural economists by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics).

Among the companies already registered by mid-October, are such domestic agricultural and agribusiness leaders, as Agrokultura, Sareptskaya Mill, GSI-Cimbria, Agro-Trade, Region-Invest, Sucden (Russia), WWS, Moscow Mill Combinat No. 3, Investprom-Opt, Bashkir-Agroinvest, Concern Pokrovsky, Trade House Dominant, ZK EFKO-K, Aston, Sovkhoz imeni Kirova, Cherkizovo Group, Plodorodie, Ecoline, Amuragrocentr, ANT, Olam International, Yara, SP Vyazovo, INRUS, Kristall-Trade, Bunge CIS.

Gold sponsor of the Conference: EuroChem Group AG

EuroChem mineral and chemical company JSC manages assets of EuroChem group AG in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. EuroChem group AG is an international company, one of the world's largest producers of mineral fertilizers. The head office of EuroChem group AG is located in Switzerland, production and logistics sales companies-in Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Russia, Germany, USA. The staff of more than 23 000 people. EuroChem group AG enterprises produce nitrogen, phosphorus, and since 2018 potash and specialized water-soluble fertilizers, as well as organic synthesis products and iron ore concentrate. EuroChem group AG is a vertically integrated company with a wide range of activities: from mining and hydrocarbons to fertilizer production, logistics and distribution. The company's products are supplied to more than 100 countries.

Highly efficient agricultural production and improved profitability are the main reference points for EuroChem. That is why the company cooperates with science and production in search of optimal solutions and new effective drugs that annually replenish the product line of the company.

Please send your questions or call to: +7-495-232-9007 (ext. 1970, 1972),

Previous conference-2018 proceedings: Post release  (*.doc, 104 Kb или *.pdf, 437 Kb), photogallery 12, press, participants, speakers, sponsors, program and media partners.

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