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Where the margin is 2023

14-th International Conference for agricultural producers
and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services

February 9-10, 2023

Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel

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Conference's sponsors

General sponsorRosselkhozbank https://rshb.ru/en

Russian Agricultural Bank is the core bank of the national credit and financial system for servicing agribusiness in Russia. Established in 2000, the Bank today is the leader in domestic agribusiness financing. It is among the top-tier and most stable financial institutions in the country in terms of assets and capital, as well as one of the leaders in the reliability rating of the largest Russian banks.

Gold sponsorSTEPPE Agroholding https://ahstep.ru/en

STEPPE Agroholding is one of the largest agricultural companies in the south of Russia, it is part of international investment company AFK Sistema. The land bank is 578 000 hectares, the company ranks 4th in the ranking of the largest landowners according to Forbes.

The company develops business in six key areas: crop production, dairy farming, trading of agricultural products, sugar and grocery trading, gardening, as well as cheese production and distribution. The main assets are located in the south of Russia in the most favorable regions in terms of climate, productivity and logistics - Rostov Region. Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories.

The revenue STEPPE Agroholding by the end of 2021 is 57.2 billion rubles (74.1% more compared to the same period last year), OIBDA is 14.4 billion rubles (an increase of 54.1% year on year). In the second quarter of 2022, the company's revenue increased by 215.6% year on year to 15.3 billion rubles, OIBDA increased by 46.5% to 2.9 billion rubles year on year.

The gross harvest of wheat – the main production crop in 2022 became a record for the company – about 1.1 million tons, which is 13% more than the result last year. STEPPE Agroholding actively invests in breeding work. Together with a partner, a new variety of wheat "Sistema" was developed with a yield potential of over 100 centners per hectare.

The company has been actively developing an import substitution program for several years. Now the share of Russian agricultural machinery in the company's fleet is about 70%, plant protection products – about 80%, the company also uses only Russian fertilizers and only domestic seeds of wheat and other key production crops. The implemented import substitution strategy allows the company to feel confident in the conditions of disruption of logistics chains and economic turbulence that has been observed in the market this year.

STEPPE Agroholding is the leader in Russia in dairy productivity of cows. In the rating of the most efficient farms in Russia according to the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) and its partners, the farms of STEPPE Agroholding annually occupy the first place by a large margin from competitors. The company has seven dairy complexes. According to the results of 9 months of 2022, the annual growth rate of milk yields is 75%. By the end of the year, the Agricultural Holding plans to reach a record gross yield of more than 140 thousand tons.

The company produces a wide range of grocery products under its own brand. According to the results of 8 months of 2022, sales of cereals under the brand STEPPE increased by 80%, new lines of side dishes appeared on the market, the range of snacks expanded. The consumer segment of the STEPPE Agroholding business is also represented by a wide range of cheeses and dairy products. All these products can be found on the shelves of the country's largest retail chains – Auchan, Lenta, Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, as well as Internet sites: OZON, Yandex.Market.

STEPPE Agroholding has 751 hectares of intensive type gardens in the Krasnodar Territory. The annual fruit harvest is about 30 thousand tons. The presence of its own fruit storage allows storing up to 23 thousand tons of products during the year. This allows us to guarantee regular deliveries to our retail partners throughout the year and not be affected by seasonal price drops in autumn during the period of mass fruit harvest.

Prompt response to external challenges, a high level of professionalism of the management team of the STEPPE Agroholding and effective development strategies are the key to the sustainability of the company, and also serve as a reliable foundation for intensive growth.

Gold sponsorDemetra-Holding https://dholding.ru/en

Demetra-Holding is Russia's largest vertically integrated infrastructural holding company, combining export logistics and trading assets. The company evolves its own network of grain elevators, owns deep- sea grain terminals and logistics infrastructure. Demetra-Holding is constantly widen its portfolio of relevant services and online tools that dive agroindustrial enterprises the opportunity to build their business as efficiently as possible.

Demetra-Holding owns Russia's largest grain terminals — Novorossiysk Grain Terminal (100%), Novorossiysk Grain Processing Plant (35.36%) and Taman Grain Terminal Complex (50%).

The holding owns 50% -1 share of JSC UGC, 100% of RusTransCom, the rail operator which owns Rusagrotrans, the leading rail operator in grain transportation in Russia. The holding also owns 100% of поле.рф, a marketplace for agricultural business, and more than 75% of the Smartseeds, the leading digital platform for grain transportation in Russia.

The company owns 100% of grain trader Demetra Trading, Oktyabrsky Elevator, Ipatovsky Grain Processing Plant, Dishninsky Elevator.

Gold sponsorOZK Group https://ozk-group.ru/en/

OZK Group is a trade and logistics operator of agricultural products, ensuring the realization of the export potential of Russian grain on the world market. It’s the only Russian agricultural infrastructure company on the market with the State equity participation.

The assets of OZK Group include 9 elevators with a total storage capacity of 720 000 tonnes, 3 processing plants with a capacity of 490 000 tonnes per year, 2 port terminals with a total handling capacity of 7.8 million tonnes of grain per year, and a fleet of hopper wagons.

For more than 20 years the Company has been the State agent for purchasing and commodity interventions and for maintaining the integrity of the grain in the federal intervention fund of agricultural products. In 2022, more than 3 million tonnes of grain worth over 47 billion rubles were purchased in the course of the State purchasing interventions.

OZK Group is an active participant of the Russian grain market transformation. In August 2021, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, OZK Group initiated online auctions for the purchase of wheat on the National Commodity Exchange. Online auctions ensure a fair price and guaranteed sales channel for agricultural producers. They prevent the external interference in pricing, from the buyer in particular, and level out the influence of the "human factor”.

More than 1.6 million tonnes of wheat worth over 26.5 billion rubles were purchased at auctions from August 2021 to December 2022.

Based on the auctions, the National Commodity Exchange calculates the stock index of wheat on CPT Novorossiysk basis since May 2022. The quality, representativeness and transparency of the index was confirmed by the Bank of Russia following an interdepartmental evaluation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

August 2022 saw the start of trading of a cash-settled futures contract for the index of Russian wheat, as well as marginal options on this contract on the Moscow Exchange. Cash-settled futures with a contract price linked to a stock index, it does not require physical delivery of grain. The mechanism provides only cash settlement in the form of the difference between the contract price and the value of the stock index on the date of its execution.

Thus, Russian agricultural producers, flour millers, grain processors and exporters received their own risk hedging tool as well as the opportunity to insure themselves against price fluctuations on the world grain market. Since the futures are non-deliverable, there are no logistical or infrastructural restrictions, and a grain quality assessment system is not required.

Today OZK Group represents the highest standards of responsibility and service in the supply of grain and other agricultural products of Russian farmers to the international market, a qualitatively new level of export based on the one-stop shop principle, the solution of any logistical problems, the reliability of deliveries on time.

Silver sponsorSyngenta http://syngenta.com

Since the formation of Syngenta in 2000, out of the agri-businesses of Zeneca and Novartis, the company has established itself as a leader in the Russian crop protection market and one of the largest suppliers of quality hybrid seeds. With a wide network of representative offices in over 30 Russian cities and more than 600 employees (doubled since 2007) Syngenta has been continuously expanding its operations into the country.

In 2017, Chinese state-owned ChemChina completed a deal to acquire Syngenta.

Syngenta has been consistently localizing and investing heavily in Russia. On October 24, 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony for Syngenta’s CP asset took place at the Yelets site of the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone, which would be home to the prospective operations. Syngenta is investing RUB 1.6 billion in its plant to create more than 40 jobs in the Yelets district. By 2021, 80% of Syngenta CP portfolio for Russian farmers will be produced in Russia.

In the beginning of September 2019 Syngenta announced about the acquisition of all relevant assets of The Cropio Group, an Ag Tech company with a presence in over 50 countries, but with a primary focus in Eastern Europe. The Cropio platform is an equipment-integrated, end-to-end software solution that provides imaging, recordkeeping, and equipment tracking.

In the rating of Rosselkhozbank, compiled in December 2020, the Cropio application took the first place among all precision farming services used in Russia. The coverage area of Cropio in Russia exceeds 8 million hectares.

Silver sponsorRostselmash https://en.rostselmash.com

Rostselmash is a group of companies including 13 facilities located at 11 production sites in 5 countries worldwide.

The company’s product range includes over 24 types of equipment and 150 models and modifications, including but not limited to grain and forage harvesters, tractors, sprayers, forage making and grain processing equipment and other. Also, the company’s product portfolio includes E-solutions to boost the performance of agricultural operations and business.

Rostselmash machines are sold, prepared for delivery to client and serviced via the Company’s dealer network deployed in the countries of operation on 4 continents. Today, Rostselmash machines are in demand in over 40 countries worldwide.

Silver sponsorPhosAgro-Region https://phosagro.com

PhosAgro-Region (part of Phosagro) is the leading national fertilizer distribution network.

PhosAgro-Region’s distribution network comprises 11 regional companies that provide farmers in Russia and the CIS with PhosAgro’s high-performance mineral fertilizers and value-added agronomic services, along with agrochemical products made by other Russian companies.

PhosAgro-Region’s regional networks partner directly with thousands of farmers in dozens of regions countrywide from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. PhosAgro-Region has an exhaustive knowledge base on crop farming across all climatic zones and in all types of soils in Russia. It offers consulting services in the area of tailor-made nutrition programmes for a specific crop, soil and climate.

Sponsor — LLC "Commercial Center" https://kmc-center.ru

LLC "Commercial Center" has been operating since 2005 in the market of Russia and neighboring countries.

The company provides high-quality services for the supply of food industry enterprises with granulated sugar.

Our company values buyers more than anything. Among our regular customers are large companies in the food industry and trade. Continuous improvement of the company's efficiency is the essence of modern business and our strategy. The effectiveness of each employee is based on the continuous improvement of their activities through the development of new professional knowledge, skills and technologies, and their application in practice. We are constantly striving to be better tomorrow than today, to know more today than yesterday.

The mission of Commercial Center LLC is to improve economic well-being, serve the interests of society with dignity, and provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Our company offers granulated sugar GOST 33222-2015 of all categories (Extra, TS-1, TS-2, TS-3) in various types of packaging (50 kg in bulk and on pallets, Big Bag 1000 kg, in bulk), offering delivery by car and railway transport, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and to the countries of the near and far abroad.

Sponsor — Winery "Myskhako" https://myskhako.ru

The winery "Myshako" has been producing high-quality wine from grapes grown in ideal conditions for more than a hundred and fifty years. It intertwines modern production with great history.

The walls of local basements keep memories of tsarist Russia and World War II, and the historical tasting room has been preserved as it was built for the arrival of Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev in 1974.

Time goes by, and the wines of "Myshako" were and remain classics of Russian winemaking.

Today "Myshako" is a unique terroir, where grape berries absorb all the features of the terroir, and the oenologists of the winery create from them a magnificent wine that will appeal to real connoisseurs and lovers.

The team led by the Russian oenologist Sergey Dubovik constantly finds new technological solutions so that the wines of "Myshako" open up to you shades of taste that you were not familiar with before. Changing modern production technologies and using grapes of the best classical varieties give an unforgettable experience and a long aftertaste.

For the development of enogastronomy, the winery has a tourist destination, a restaurant of Caucasian cuisine "Cape 1869" and a branded wine boutique.

Sponsor — Liliani https://liliani.com

LILIANI LLC is a Russian developer and manufacturer of modern agro-logistics machinery, software and digital services. For more than two decades, LILIANI has been successfully operating in the agricultural logistics market and help customers optimize investments and apply efficient technologies to maximize profits.

The main products of the company:
- Grain Transfer Trailers;
- equipment for grain storage in plastic bags: GB grain packing machines and MGU grain unloading machines;
- Mobile dump pits;
- special equipment for loading hopper cars.

With the help of innovative technologies for sowing, harvesting and storing grain (incl. high moisture grain), from LILIANI, Russian farmers reduce costs by 30-40%, investments in grain harvesting and sowing equipment - by 25-30%, and in grain storage up to 10 times!

Sponsor — GEOMIR https://geomir.ru

Geomir was founded in 2002. Main activities are equipment supplies and services for the precision farming. Group of Companies has over 200 employees. GEOMIR cooperates with agricultural enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the UAE.

The main objectives:
1. Designing and creating software and hardware to analyze field images.
2. Introduce innovative technologies and equipment.
3. Production and implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles into the field.

Sponsor — Parijat industries (India) https://parijatagrochemicals.com

The Parijat group of companies offers international quality products ethically produced and sourced. The group is a knowledge and value enhancing contributor across the value chain to all the stake holders in the agriculture sector. It has been serving farmers worldwide by building global partnerships, supplying quality cost-effective crop protection chemicals for the last 10 years. The Russian legal entity OOO “BELIN” exists since 2013 and has its own registrations on the Russian market. The company can offer high quality Indian-made fungicides, herbicides and insecticides as well as most popular active ingredients at affordable prices.

We will be glad to cooperate with your company!

Sponsor — Port Transit https://port-tranzit.ru

Port Transit is IT company developing digital solutions in the field of grain cargo transportation and trading. We are also Skolkovo residents. Since 2007, we have developed and launched the Electronic Queue Service, a product in the field of transportation automation, as well as create and support a community for quick cooperation between carriers and customers, and popularize electronic document management among all participants in the agro-industrial complex market.

Sponsor — Agro Technologii https://аграс.рф

Agro Technologii LLC is a proven reliable partner of the largest agricultural manufacturers and farms located in various regions of the Russian Federation.

For already more than three years our company has been developing an innovative direction– we are engaged in selling agricultural drones, providing their maintenance and spare parts. We also offer the processing of fields with this newest piece of machinery, we even have our own fleet of DJI agricultural drones.

We sell, service and teach the processes necessary to work with agrodrons of DJI brand.

We have developed and successfully launched our own production of a trailer complex equipped with everything essential for autonomous field processing that ensures convenient and efficient use of agricultural drones in the field conditions.

Sponsor — LLC "First Nursery" https://misc.farm

The company LLC "First Nursery" was created as part of a new project of JSC "Point of Growth".

The company's activities are aimed at creating an industrial use of the Miscanthus culture.

Miscanthus is a promising plant with great opportunities in the fields of application:

  • agriculture
  • construction
  • pulp industry
  • fuel raw materials

Sponsor — Digital Agro https://digitalagro.ru

Digital Agro develops software and services for agriculture business. The company improves the efficiency of agribusiness by using IT solutions and independent agronomic expertise. All services are based on the urgent tasks of a modern agrarian and are aimed at developing individual solutions.

Our products include the "Assiatant" digital solution and a set of expert agricultural services such as scouting, agronomic support, fertilization system and cultivation technology development, and operational audit of an agricultural enterprise. All services can work both independently and in combination, covering the actual needs of farmers throughout the entire cycle of agricultural production.

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