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Where the margin is 2015

Agribusiness: "Where the Margin Is 2015"
International conference for agricultural producers
and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services
February 6, 2015, Moscow

IKAR in Mass and Industry Media
 17.10.14  Russian wheat export prices broadly flat  »
Business Recorder
 14.10.14  Russian Wheat Crop Estimate Lowered by Ikar to 58.5 Million Tons  »
 14.10.14  Weekly Market Review - Alpine Trading LLC  »
 14.10.14  Russia cuts 2014 wheat crop forecast  »
Business Recorder
 09.10.14  CBOT小麦期货10月8日小幅收高,受技术性买盘带动  »
 09.10.14  芝加哥期市:CBOT小麦期货受技术性买盘带动小幅收高,接近四周高位  »
 09.10.14  Russia - 2014/15 sugar output dips slightly (1)  »
 03.10.14  俄羅斯本年度糖產量預計將降至2010/11年度以來最低   »
 03.10.14  Russia’s wheat prices fall, pressured by global market  »
Business Recorder
 29.09.14  Russia’s Sugar Output This Season Seen at Lowest Since 2010-11  »
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IKAR: New market and industry studies
 21.01.14  Sugar Market Report Russia & CIS. January-2014  »
 28.01.13  Russian agricultural land and land lease values and new agricultural operators activities (available in Russian, English version upon request)  »
 10.02.09  Russian milk and dairy industry: 2008 situation and outlook for 2009 (available in Russian, English version upon request)  »
 20.11.08  Russian poultry meat market: dynamics and forecast of prices and market capacity  »
 10.10.08  Russian rapeseed industry: situation and outlook (available in Russian, English version upon request)  »
 30.04.07  Russian feed concentrates industry: status, players, future development (available in Russian, English version – upon request)  »

Company news

IKAR invites to International Agricultural Conference Where The Margin Is 2015 06 February, Moscow.


Implemented RSS-export agricultural news IKAR in English.


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Review out of sugar market in 2013


IKAR invites to winter Conference Where The Margin Is 2014 30 January, Moscow.

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About us

The Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) is an infocentric consultancy engaged in analysis of the domestic Russian and global agricultural and food systems.

IKAR's core competencies focus on analysis and forecasting of Russia's agricultural commodity markets, with particular expertise in grain, sugar, oilseeds, meat and dairy products. The Institute's research covers the whole vertical commodity chain, from input production and supply to retailing of finished products...

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IKAR is a member of International research project Agri Benchmark from May 2010

Agri Benchmark

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