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Myshako - wine sponsor of the conference WHERE THE MARGIN IS 2021

10 февраля 2021 года

About the winery

Myskhako is one of the oldest wineries in the country. The winery was founded by Mikhail Penchul in 1869, and has been delighting fans with its excellent wine for more than 150 years. From the moment of its foundation to the present day, Myskhako remains the standard of product quality. The enterprise works according to classical technologies, all processes are strictly controlled. Wines "Myskhako" are chosen both for expensive sumptuous receptions and for measured conversations at dinner.

The grapes for Myskhako wines ripen in almost ideal conditions. The climate of the area (Kuban, Novorossiysk, Myskhako village) is close to the conditions of the best world wine-making regions. Thanks to the marl soils, an ideal moisture balance is maintained, and the root system is well weathered. In the spring of 2020, Myskhako planted 12 hectares of vineyards (Viognier, Muscat, Semillon), and now the total area of ​​Myskhako vineyards is 266 hectares, and the production capacity of the winery is 5 million bottles of wine per year.

About tourism

Myskhako is always friendly for tourists who are interested in winemaking and the history of one of the oldest wineries in the country. Wine tourism has been and remains one of the priority areas of the enterprise for many years. Guests of "Myskhako" can easily choose an excursion program to their liking - there is no shortage of their diversity. A visit to the factory will allow you to learn a lot about winemaking and taste better wines produced by "Myskhako".

Historical places of the plant, peculiarities of the production process, vineyards and cellars, where the best wine is aged - tourists have something to see! "Myskhako" stores items related to the Great Patriotic War and Leonid Brezhnev's visit to the enterprise. There are exhibits of a deeper history - the times when ancient Greeks made wine in these territories. The finds of archaeologists related to winemaking are carefully kept in the halls of Myskhako.

Interesting excursions around the territory of the enterprise are prepared for the guests, where everyone can replenish their knowledge about the history of winemaking in Myskhako. A separate impression will be a visit to the workshops, where the drinks take on their usual form under the close attention of the plant's specialists.

About the team

The team of the winery works together and harmoniously to achieve the best results, and Sergey Vladimirovich Dubovik is in charge of the process of creating wine masterpieces. The talent, thoroughness and love with which Sergei Vladimirovich approaches the creation of wines, and determines in the future their unique taste.

About wines

The wines of the new line "B * B" are made using various methods that are most suitable for the varieties used.

Thus, the red wines of the line are produced by the appassimento method, rosé - by the "saignee" method, and white - by the "Cuvée" method.

The appassimento method is translated from Italian as “wilting”. This is a wine production process based on the drying of grapes.

The method of drying grapes on vines "Appassimento sulla pianta" is the method used by the winery "Myskhako". The grapes are sent for processing, where the slightly raisinized berries are separated from the already dried ones. Only raisin grapes are used for wine production. In addition, grapes are used in the production of whole bunches up to 15% of the total volume to obtain the effect of bright fruit shades and wine balance. In the production of wines using the Appassimento method, up to 2.5 kg are used. berries for one bottle of wine.

- Wine of the protected geographical indication “Kuban. Novorossiysk "dry red" Black from black "is made from grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Marselan 35%, Petit Verdot 15%. Circulation - 66 666 bottles.
- Wine of the protected geographical indication “Kuban. Novorossiysk "semi-dry red with residual sugar" Black from red "is made from grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Shiraz 25%, Merlot 25%. Circulation - 99,999 bottles.

The wine production period is 55 days. After a complex fermentation technology, the wine is sent for aging in an oak barrel with a high degree of roasting. The aging period lasts up to 3 months, but is determined by the winemaker by the organoleptic method (tasting).

The use of withered grapes allows to achieve a high concentration of aromatic, flavoring and coloring substances in the final product. The counter-label of this line of wines depicts the main winemaker in the tasting process, demonstrating how the wine stains the mouth, which indicates a high concentration of anthocyanins (natural coloring substances) in the wine.

For the preparation of white wine, the principle of "Cuvée" is applied, in which the first 7% of the grape must obtained by pressing is used.

Wine of the protected geographical indication “Kuban. Novorossiysk "dry white" White from white "in the grape variety: Chardonnay 50%, Viognier 15%, Aligote 35%. Wine obtained in

Myshako - wine sponsor of the international agricultural conference WHERE THE MARGIN IS 2021

Participants of the conference have the opportunity to taste the products of the winery on February 11-12.

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