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What will be the price of food in the period of the coronavirus

26 марта 2020 года

how to be filled and shelves will largely depend on prices. Already, there are predictions that due to coronavirus products will go up. But is it? And only virus to blame?

the Correspondent of “RG” discussed it with the leading experts of food markets and regional officials.

Meat: enough for us and for export

Sergey Yushin, head of Executive Committee of National meat Association: At the moment there is high demand for poultry meat. And some suppliers raised prices. However, not all.

According to Rosstat, today the prices for the most popular product – poultry – below 2014. At the same time, the cost from the manufacturers over the years have grown. And the prices did not rise due to high competition in the market.

And the fact that some producers don’t raise prices is because they are important to maintain high demand for its products.

now Pork is cheaper than in 2018 and 2019. Therefore, even if there is a price increase, it will still be lower than in previous years. I’m not talking about the store and about the opt. Because we have hundreds of retailers and everyone is free to set their own prices.

But in any case, competition will certainly hamper the growth of prices. And excessive growth of tomorrow subside. Russia Sauveurpletely independent poultry and pork, it exports more than it imports. So the product group of meat we have plenty.

Fish: the dollar decides everything

Sergey Gudkov, Executive Director of the Fisheries Union: Prices rise for raw materials – both domestic and imported. This is directly related to the change rate of the ruble against major world currencies.

the import is clear – we buy in dollars and euros. In relation to Russian products – up to 80 percent of the volume harvested by the Russian companies fish prices are formed on the world market. Expressed in world market prices and the domestic – broadcast depending on the exchange rate of the national currency. So it all depends on the exchange rate.

Milk: pressure to the market no

Maria Rebit, the official representative of the National Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko): Disruptions in the supply of dairy products and lack of their trading networks is not observed.

According to Soyuzmoloko, companies do record a slight increase in demand as the category shelf – cheese, butter, UHT milk, and the so-called “fresh” category – kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese. At the same time increasing sales does not exceed 10-15 percent. And has no serious pressure on the market.

However, members of the Union reported that in the case of more intensive growth of demand due to boom in the Wake of the spread of coronavirus enterprises for additional load capacity by 20-30 percent.

Vegetables: import will rewrite the labels

Tatiana Gubina, head of the Union of participants of the market of potato and vegetables (Potato Union): While the price increase into the framework of seasonal indicators. Excessive demand and a sharp rise in prices for vegetables and potatoes in the retail trade there.

In connection with the panic associated with the spread of coronavirus, was large purchases on the wholesale markets to export products to regions. Prices rebounded. But it lasted a day or two. Now they’re back to normal.

actually we have three years to live in conditions of low prices for vegetables. Unfairly low prices for producers. Perhaps people are eating more pasta and grains, unfortunately.

However, now that stocks of vegetables and potatoes over, is likely to be an increase in prices. Everything here is due to the fact that there would be imports, which, in connection with growth of dollar and Euro will be expensive.

Cereal: it all went to hell

Dmitry Rylko, General Director of the Institute for agricultural market studies: Until recently, all was quiet. For grain there was a seasonal decline in prices. The price of cereals was growing, but slowly.

Now all went to hell in connection with the change of the dollar and the panic that engulfed the population. So now something specific to say about the March of prices is impossible. We are located in the midpointsno process, and no one really knows how this will end, because nobody knows what the rate of the ruble to the end of March.

One of the reasons speakers – panic with heavy demand. Then there needs to be a sobering. People eventually realize that they have so many products is not necessary, because Zatar above the roof.

In General the situation is completely unpredictable. It largely depends on the rate and dynamics of the coronavirus.

the first regions to provide for themselves?

According to acting Minister of agriculture and the consumer market of the Sverdlovsk region Svetlana Ostrovskaya, basic foods – meat, milk, breads, vegetables, products with short shelf life in the region today with a surplus. All this is done in the middle Urals.

“the Boundaries between the regions are open, the Russian government has provided a “green corridor” machines with food. The trading network of the Urals has increased the orders for the supply of the goods, the storage capacity is enough,” Ostrovskaya said, adding that the region provides itself with basic foodstuffs.

enterprises of food and processing industry have the opportunity to increase production by 40-60 percent, for example, sausage products – by 20 thousand tons, meat products – on 22 thousand tons, margarine – 40 thousand tons of milk, besides raw – 100 thousand tons, butter – by 4.5 thousand tons, cheese – by 14 thousand tons of flour by 25 thousand tons, bread and bakery products 180 thousand tons of confectionery to 30 thousand tonsn

the Ministry of agriculture of the Crimea has monitored retailers on the availability of the products. Conclusion – the largest trading network of the Republic in the additional supply of products from agricultural producers do not need. This was announced by Vice-Premier of the Council of Ministers of Kazakhstan – Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Andrey Ryumshin.

in the Omsk region In the list of the most popular products also include rice, wheat flour, pasta, sunflower oil, canned meat and fish. In the last two days has sharply increased the demand for sugar by almost 50 percent.

For three weeks in the region continue to grow, the price of sugar. As told “RG” the representative of the wholesale enterprises of JSC “Omsk” Anton Kupchenko leading Russian manufacturers raised output prices by almost 10 rubles per kilogram.

In Tatarstan interviewed and farmers. President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has instructed the government in any case to avoid speculation. The prices closely watched. As in any trade network will be a price increase, there check will go to representatives of the interior Ministry of Tatarstan.

In Bashkortostan Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of agriculture Ilshat of Faizrahmanov stated that production capacity is underutilized. The same Chishminskiy dairy plant can produce up to 60 tons of products daily, and today its volume is only 25 tons.

“We certainly expect people to buy more of our Bashkir products, – said Deputy Prime Minister. – It will support our processors, and farmers. In April we will take the decision to increase the acreage of buckwheat to make a certain margin for two or three years. We will also prepare more seed PLAsada for winter rye, which is on the market now there is a good demand.”


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