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As the trading network has responded to the increased activity of buyers

23 марта 2020 года

In the “Crossroads” deficit of buckwheat, pasta, meat or toilet paper is not detected. Ending product then drop from the distribution center. The shortage of socially important goods in the warehouses too, no – loading, unloading and delivery to the stores is in normal mode. Stores are monitored online, and the flows of goods are redistributed to where recorded particularly high demand.

Available inventory and production capacity in Russia is more than enough to meet the increased demand for food, assured the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. To insure that the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of industry will form an additional pool of food suppliers. In turn, the Federal customs service and Rosselkhoznadzor took the obligation to create the conditions for maximum free movement of imported food. The network, according to Vice-Premier, restructuring their logistics schemes to keep up with increased demand.

According to retailers, the influx of buyers in the grocery stores began to decline. So, at the stores of “Azbuka Vkusa” on March 18, did 220% of planned revenue, 19 March – 180% of revenue, said the President of the company “Azbuka Vkusa” Denis Sologub in the framework of the “round table” RBK Pro “Stress test for the coronavirus for business.” On March 18 inventory of the “Alphabet of taste” Sologub was estimated at an average 26 days, and it’s not so much. Expected sales for the New year or March 8 in the network are planned in advance: the mass of commodities gradually to be ordered from suppliers and build shops. But now happened unplanned leap in non-typical categories. The demand for buckwheat and pasta has grown in 10 times. Dare all and freeze the meat. So retailers pulls the blanket from one direction to another – for example, trimming the product range and focusing on supplying large volume of the most popular goods. But suppliers are unable to sharply increase production. It is impossible to increase meat production: the broiler is grown in about 40 days, piggy – 175 days.

According to the Director of corporate communications at X5 Retail Group Elena Connoway, the company increased the number of deliveries of socially significant goods from the warehouses to the stores in 2-4 times and started to put some products in stores pallets to provide the increased demand for them. “With the logistics help the authorities promptly organised the passes are going to meet on the issue of axle loads,” says Konnov. The network has increased the number of employees in stores, canceled all leave. But if you provide quickly doubling the supply has the resources five to six times to increase the production of goods, to find additional transport to the warehouses to deliver products to the shops is impossible.

Russian retailers carry a huge cost – the increase in staff for the acceptance and placement of additional volume of goods, processing, retail and warehouse disinfectants, said the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov. Trading networks take a set of measures to preserve the stability of the supply chain, confirmed a representative of the Association of retail companiespositional trade (akort) Ilya Vlasenko. Increased vehicle fleet, employed additional staff, change in transport routes, reduced spacing delivery of the products to the stores, increasing the number of deliveries and the volume of products sent to the stores, taking into account changes in demand over the past day. “Retail purchases products for storage and supply to retail outlets, constantly filling the inventory. In this case only the current stocks of goods, if to stop any purchases will last for a few weeks. So manufacturers have time to organize additional production volumes of the same birds,” – said Vlasenko.

But this is not required. Poultry and pork in Russia have a surplus. Only in 2019 produced more than 5 million tons of poultry meat and more than 3.9 million tons of pork, indicates Victoria Abramchenko. And the remnants of buckwheat was only in the Altai region 365 thousand t Stocks of buckwheat there are still more than 20 regions of the country. The rest of the raw rice at the processing enterprises in Krasnodar territory is more than 180 thousand tons, even 148 thousand tons of raw rice available in the warehouses of farmers. In Russia gathered about 200 thousand tons of vegetables in greenhouses – 33.6% higher than in 2019.

Seriously increase the food production for the Russian manufacturers technologically impossible and makes no sense, said General Director of the Institute for agricultural market studies Dmitry Rylko. “We will not be able to eat much more than now. Even if we score a freezer meat, when the hype is over, will be rolled back – the network will experience a lack of demand. In the end, everything will return to normal,” – said the expert.


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