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International Congress & Expo “BIOMASS: Fuel & Power”

10 марта 2020 года

В связи с Указом мэра Москвы от 16 марта 2020 года № 21-УМ "О внесении изменения в указ Мэра Москвы от 5 марта 2020 г. № 12-УМ" «О введении режима повышенной готовности» Международный Конгресс «Биомасса: топливо и энергия 2020» и Технический семинар «СпиртЭксперт» переносятся с апреля на июнь. Конгресс состоится 24-25 июня, семинар - 26 июня 2020 года соответственно.

Russian Biofuels Association is pleased to invite you to attend the International Congress & Expo “BIOMASS: Fuel & Power”. We would be honored if you considered joining us in Moscow, Russia.

The event will be held on April 15-16, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Lesnaya Moscow. On April 16, 2002 the Congress will focus on the production and use of bioethanol "Fuel Bioethanol - 2020". The previous Congress gathered more than 200 senior executives from over 15 countries to discuss a variety of topics; from feedstock, to the marketing of liquid and solid biofuels. The technical workshop “SpirtExpert” on ethanol production, technology & operations will be conducted after the Congress on April 17, 2020.

In December 2018 President Vladimir Putin has signed a law regulating the production and trade of fuel ethanol, which finally opens a biofuels market in Russia. The President of the Russian Biofuels Association, Alex Ablaev, believes that the new legislation and “Russian Biotechnology Development Program” make biotechnology and biofuels locomotive of the country's future growth. Congress & Expo "Biomass: Fuel and Power" - a meeting place where industry participants will discuss development for the biofuel market in view of favorable political conjuncture".

We have invited leading biofuel experts from Europe, the USA, and Russia to speak during the event. Some topics for discussion:

  • The state of the industry: Russia, Ukraine & Kazakhstan.
  • New government initiatives to support industrial biotechnology & biofuel development.
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks for the biofuel industry in Russia.
  • Second-generation biofuel: progress in technology and development in Russia.
  • Potable alcohol plants: production process & conversion to biofuel. Spent grain & DDGS utilization.
  • Wet-milling and the production of glutens, starches, and ethanol.
  • Pyrolysis & gasification: bio-oil and syngas. The heating bio-oil market.
  • Biodiesel & biojet fuel.
  • Economics and energy integration of ethanol plants.
  • Generating revenues from co-products (DGS and CO2).
  • Solid biofuels: production and use in Russia. Biomass stoves, boilers & burners. Pellets & briquettes: export & domestic utility markets.

For more information and to register, please visit www.biotoplivo.com or contact our team by email info@biofuels.ru or by phone: +7.495.585.5167.

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