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China’s Floral Market Is Sprouting & Flourishing!

16 октября 2019 года

Before 2008, if you came to China, you could sell only few species of roses in the market. Phalaenopsis, or butterfly orchid, Peonies, Gypsophila, Gloriosa, were then considered novelties, but now more and more exotic varieties are becoming common household flowers.

China’s Floral Market Is Sprouting & Flourishing!

The past decade has witnessed dramatic changes in the country's floral market. China has become the word's biggest flower-producing country as well as important flower consumer and trader, according to Jiang Zehui, president of the China Flower Association. In 2018, China had a flower cultivation area of 1.63 million hectares.

The fast development of China's e-commerce and courier sectors has greatly boosted fresh flower consumption, too. During this year's Valentine's Day, China's online retailing platform Taobao saw flower orders jump 69 percent year on year, with 500,000 fresh-cut roses, tulips and other flowers grown in Yunnan sold, as reported by Xinhua.net.

China’s Floral Market Is Sprouting & Flourishing!

Flower Expo China Reflecting the Growth of Chinese Market

China International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair (Flower Expo China), starting from 2008, is also a witness of the country’s floral market growth. For the first 5 years, there were only limited choices of bonsai and related horticulture products at the show. But in 2019, over 600 imported varieties were exhibited and showcased from Kenya, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia, Israel, and etc, catering to the market’s growing thirst for diverse high-end cut flowers!

China’s Floral Market Is Sprouting & Flourishing!

At the same time, the concurrent activity Guangzhou Int’l Flower Arrangement Show had upgraded to a new level. A more international line-up of floral masters were invited to put on a unique and splendid demonstration for the audience.

Flower Expo China 2020 will be held during March 16th and 18th in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre. All industry professionals are welcome to exhibit or visit the trade show!

China’s Floral Market Is Sprouting & Flourishing!

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