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Exporters, government support Russian grain prices

10 ноября 2009 года

MOSCOW, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Russian grain prices rose last week on exporter demand and the government's intervention purchase plans, analysts said on Monday.

Exporters kept raising bid prices last week, SovEcon agricultural analysts said in a weekly note.

Fourth-grade (ordinary) wheat bid prices rose to 4,800-4,950 roubles ($163.6-$168.7) per tonne, CPT (including delivery to) Novorossiisk from 4,700-4,800 a week before, it said. Bid prices at shallow water ports were 4,350-4,450 per tonne. Maize prices were in the range of 4,100-4,300 roubles per tonne (CPT ports) and 3,800-3,900 (CPT elevators close to railway lines), up 200-300 roubles week-on-week, SovEcon said.

The institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) said forward export prices for ordinary milling wheat rose slightly after an impressive U.S. market price rise, and declined by the end of the week to $177-178 per tonne in Novorossisk.

International demand remained rather weak, due to tough quality demands from major markets Syria and Egypt, it said.

Some domestic prices rose on exporters demand and the government plans to start buying grain from Nov.2, SovEcon said.

The fourth-grade wheat price rose by 150 roubles on the previous week to 3,925 roubles per tonne, on the average.

IKAR said its price index for third-grade milling wheat added $2 to $151 per tonne, while fourth-grade declined by $2 to $136 per tonne, feed wheat gained $5 to $114 per tonne.

The feed barley price index remained at $85, while maize declined by $2 to $131 per tonne.

The government has put aside 9.5 billion roubles for the intervention purchases. Domestic producers have offered to sell at the tenders 7.4 million tonnes by Nov 2. At the start of the first tender day on Monday, a Siberian firm offered to sell third-grade milling wheat at 3,300 roubles per tonne with the top starting price of 6,000 roubles.

"We see that at the session the sale price has approached the market price," Sergei Levin, the head of the state grain trader the United Grain Company, commenting on the tender.

He said if the tender prices remained at that level, the government may buy up to 3 million tonnes of grain in 2008/09 crop year. In 2008/09 the government bought 8 million tonnes.

SovEcon said it expected the intervention purchases to have little influence on the general grain market trend.

From the start of the 2008/09 season in July to the middle of October, Russian grain exports were estimated to have declined to 7 million tonnes from 7.5 million year ago, IKAR said. Wheat exports fell to 5.9 million tonnes from 6.7 million in the same period last year and barley exports to 1.1 million tonnes from 0.7 million it said.

SovEcon said average crude sunoil prices rose by 500 roubles to 23,825 roubles per tonne, as the market price levels made Russian sunoil more competitive. Sunseed prices also added 500 roubles, having risen to 9,225 roubles per tonne, it said.

IKAR said white sugar prices fell to $835 per tonne from $866 a week before in Krasnodar after some traders had discovered they were in need of cash, while others decided to free some storage space.

IKAR expected the bullish trend to return after a period of stabilization.

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