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Russia – The market of sugar and sugar beet – 2016 results and prospects for 2017 - IKAR

10 января 2017 года

The sugar industry of Russia recorded another successful season despite unfavorable economic and weather conditions. Gross harvest of sugar beet in 2015 grew to 51.2 million tonnes according to preliminary results of the Ministry of Agriculture and to 48.325 million tonnes according to preliminary results of the Federal State Statistics Service. Production of sugar beet, by IKAR’s assessment, may exceed 6.0 million tonnes and processing season can last until March; an absolute record in the history of Russia.

The productivity of sugar beet complex in Russia has grown over 20 years, by almost 4 times, and exceeded 5.3 tonnes of sugar from 1 ha of crops in the Russian Federation. The potential productivity of the industry in the next 3-5 years is not less than 7-8 tonnes of sugar per 1 hectare.

Record production of beet sugar and granulated sugar beet pulp in Russia in 2016/17 was made possible thanks to the growth of sugar beet acreage by 8.7%, to 1110.4 thousand ha, and yield increase by 18.6%, to 467.1 kg / ha with a decrease of 10.0% sugar content of beets ( 16.01% compared to 17.79% a year earlier) and the record industry's productivity - a natural result of the investment of recent years and the continuing gradual modernization of the sugar beet industry. At the same time the weather conditions were not the most favorable, for example, cleaning and processing of beet in the south was stopped due to heavy rains in late September - early October).

Export markets for the Russian beet sugar is not great and the most optimistic scenario is unlikely to exceed 600 thousand tonnes. There is high competition in the common markets of sugar from Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Brazil and the EU.

Sugar market continues to remain competitive: there are 33 independent manufacturers (plant operators), hundreds of independent producers of sugar beet receiving sugar by tolling schemes and mutual settlements, dozens of large wholesale traders, plus the market has the Belarusian Sugar Company and Rosrezerv.

Russia, in 2016/17, will remain a prominent exporter of molasses and beet pulp. The growth of domestic consumption of molasses on feed, yeast, alcohol, etc. will lead to a moderate increase in exports of molasses compared with an increase of its production. The share of exports of molasses of the total production does not exceed 30% in the Russian Federation (45% in 2013/14).

The sown area of sugar beet in 2017 is likely to decline slightly to 1040-1070 thousand ha (-4.6%), the maximum reduction possible in the South, oriented to export cereals, pulses, oilseeds and other crops.

World prices after five years of decline, began to rise in August 2015 at the same time in October 2016 prices adjusted downwards.

It is also important to note the continuing growth of interest in the production in Russia starch syrup from cereal (wheat and corn). According to IKAR the capacity of the domestic market and molasses GFS has exceeded 530 thousand tonnes, plus the export of more than 15 thousand tonnes.


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