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Where the margin is 2014

5-th International Conference for agricultural producers
and suppliers of agricultural inputs and services

January 30, 2014

Moscow, Radisson Slavianskaya Hotel

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About Conference

Over the previous four years, the Conference has become the highest caliber event covering CIS agricultural sector. It features the most qualified speakers, attendance of the highest ranking agribusiness executives, and a large productive capacity (since inception, the Ђland bankї of attending companies increased from 2.7 to 5.2 MHA of arable land).

The conference is meant for big and biggest agricultural producers, ag inputs manufacturers, dealers and distributors, financiers, insurers, agricultural and agribusiness investors, policy makers.

The purpose of the Conference is to create the platform where agricultural producers and their counterparts along the vertical supply chain meet together and have a complex discussion on opportunities and challenges of the upcoming crop marketing year and the years ahead.

Among the key topics of 2014 Conference are the state of the Russian farmland market, precision agriculture, state of animal protein industries. New additional Conference focus: animal protein industries and their integration with crop production.

Farmland and farm investments: why Russia?

  • 112 MHA of arable land
  • Including 70 MHA of perennial crop farmland
  • Land lease: up to 49 years
  • Unlike neighboring Ukraine and Kazakhstan land market exist for last decade: millions of hectares are already in hands of private owners and investors
  • Land: still substantially undervalued regarding margin/price
  • Foreigners: full rights to land lease, have right to buy land if establish Russian company: more than 1 MHA is already controlled by foreign operators
  • Competitive advantage in small grains production: number 2 to 4 world wheat exporter, highest wheat yields CAGR among all key competitors
  • Aggressively growing niche and less-developed industry branches, such as pulses, commercial vegetables, greenhouses, etc.
  • Aggressively growing commercial animal protein sector: an incredible 16+% CAGR in commercial poultry and swine sectors during 2004-2012 period
  • Strong state support to agriculture
  • One of biggest European food consumption markets
  • WTO accession creates new strong opportunities.

Conference topics

  • World agricultural commodity markets: situation and outlook
  • Russian agricultural commodity markets: situation and outlook
  • Special guest: World meat supply chains, competitiveness, and new potential positioning of the Russian meat industries
  • Financial situation of the Russian agriculture: how to generate and support farm incomes.
  • Technological modernization of the domestic agriculture: myths or/and realities.

Round table of the leaders of domestic agribusiness associations, agribusinessmen, and state decision-makers with participation of:

  • Naum Babaev, Chairman of BoD, Rusmolko management company, and Damate group of companies
  • Andrey Bodin, Chairman, Russian Sugar Union
  • Denis Cherkesov, General director, National Beef Cattle Union
  • Albert Davleev, President, Agrifood Strategies; Vice President, International Poultry Development Program
  • Sergey Lupekhin, Chairman, Russian Potato Union, general director of Malino OJS
  • Vladislav Romantsev, Deputy Chairman of Association of Oilseed Crushers and Further Processors
  • Arkadiy Zlochevskiy, President, Russian Grain Union

Materials of the previous conferences "Where the margin is"

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