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Sugar industry

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Market studies

IKAR in Mass and Industry Media Top month   
 13.04.22  Russia could make 7 million mt of sugar in 2022/23  »
Platts/Kingsman Daily Sugar News
 29.03.22  Zucker: Hohe Nachfrage in Russland  »
 22.03.22  Russland erlebt eine Zuckerkrise  »
 21.03.22  Sugar rush: Russia probes price hikes and ‘unjustified’ shortages  »
 05.01.22  Russia could expand output again in 2022  »
 30.11.21  Russia May Import Raw Sugar for First Time Since 2016  »
 05.10.21  Rus: Mehr R?ben sollen Markt entspannen  »
 13.08.21  Russia in the 2020/21 agricultural year sharply reduced sugar exports, the CIS countries intensified the import of raw sugar  »
 04.08.21  SOFTS-Coffee prices fall nearly 9% as Brazil frosts appear less intense  »
 06.07.21  SOFTS-Raw sugar nears four-month peak as Brazil frost damage is assessed  »
 02.06.21  Cold, Wet Weather Slowed Russian Sugar-Beet Sowing: IKAR  »
 28.05.21  Russia Gets White Sugar Shipments Under Tariff-Free Quota  »
 20.04.21  Rosja: Minister rolnictwa zdecyduje, ile cukru trafi do sklep?w  »
 20.04.21  Russland kontingentiert Zucker an Detailhandel  »
 11.03.21  Registration for the conference «CIS Sugar Market 2021» is being completed  »
All articles  »    
IKAR: New researches
 29.01.20  Sugar Market Report Russia & CIS. January-2020  »
All researches  »    

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Putin Is Growing Organic Power One T-34 Tank-Tomato at a Time

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