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Where the margin is 2020

Where the margin is 2020
February 6-7, 2020, Moscow

IKAR in Mass and Industry Media

On September 5, 2019 took place anniversary XXV International Conference “Black Sea Grain  and Oilseeds 2019/20” in the hotel “Azimut Moscow Olympic”

IKAR, 11.09.19

More than 250 representatives from 18 of the world took part in the event including Russian Federation, Bulgaria, the Great Britain, Denmark, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, France, Switzerland, Estonia and etc.

The Official Sponsor of the conference was one of the largest producers of plant protection products, biological products and agrochemicals in Russia JSC Schelkovo Agrokhim.

The Official Info Partners of the conference were AgriCensus and Refinitiv.

In the press the conference was covered by the following agencies: ROSNG, ProTrade Expert, Agroinvestor, Agribusiness Journal, Agrovestnik, Agrobook, APK News, "Kombikorma" Magazine, RZD-Partner, Magazine «Who is who in the food and agricultural market of Russia», business portal APK Expert, scientific-theoretical and production magazine Agrarian Science, International Agricultural Journal, Agricultural news, Agricultural publications of the South and Caucasus, publishing house «Krestyanin» and Interfax.

In the framework of this conference many topics were discussed such as problems of legislative support and state regulation of the Russian grain market, new trends on the world grain and oilseed markets, crop size and quality evaluation in three FSU Black Sea countries, the sowing campaign of winter crops and others.

The first session was moderated by the Vice-president of the Russian Grain Union – Alexandr Korbut and began with the presentation “Current trends and short-term forecast of the Russian economy” made by Oleg Zasov, Deputy Director of Vnesheconombank Institute, head of «Macroeconomic policy and forecast» Department. 

Ekaterina Roganova, Executive Director of the Association of bona fide agribusiness market participants, expressed in detail the rules of the Charter and also described the tools of self-regulation.

Representatives Of Gazprombank - Head of the Economic Forecasting Center Daria Snitko and Executive Director of Treasury products sales Department Victoria Bikeeva – discussed important topics related to hedging financial risks for exporters.

At the end of the first session, which was also attended by the General Director of JSC Shchelkovo Agrohim – Salis Karakotov, President of the Russian Grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky traditionally shared his point of view.

Dmitry Rylko, General Director of IKAR, moderated the second session «Russia and the Black Sea region: crop reduction - increased competition».

This session was marked with the presentation made by Dan Basse, President of American Analytic Company AgResource. Like every year, the report of this analyst caused a keen interest among all participants.

The second session was also attended by the following speakers such as Viktor Aslanov, General Director of the Research office “Grains & Oilseeds” (Kazakhstan) and Elizaveta Malyshko, Leading expert of UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine), who have answered the questions of the conference participants for a long time.

Alexander Korbut, Vice-President of the Russian Grain Union, traditionally moderated the panel discussion between the experts of the grain and oilseed markets.

At the beginning of the discussion, the Director of development of the company "Evropac" Alexander Litvinov touched upon the topic " Transportation of grain in containers", using liners, which aroused genuine interest among the public.

This was followed by a statement by the representative of the SGS Vostok Limited Irina Sarycheva, Customer Care and Technical Governance Manager, Department of Agro-industrial complex. She told about the quality of the grain harvest 2019 in Russia.

Our irreplaceable analysts such as Dmitry Rylko, Director General of IKAR and Vladimir Petrichenko, Director General of “ProZerno” also took part in the framework of the panel discussion. Dmitry Rylko told about his forecasts, estimates and recommendations, as well as production and export records and the main problems of the market, and Vladimir Petrichenko, as always, made an analysis of the grain market in Russia.

The final report was made by the General Director of the EFKO Grain Company Sergey Stebaev. He clearly described the situation concerning the market of oilseeds in Russia, the main problems of the fat-and-oil sector of the Russian Federation and methods of their solution.

After the speeches of all the participants of the panel discussion, the President of The Russian Grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky commented on the speakers ' reports and summed up the results of the conference.

The XXV International Conference “Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2019/20” completed its work with the 7th Grain Dinner accompanied by the musical group "Nostalgie".

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