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Russia's IKAR cuts its forecast for Russia's 2018 grain crop

Reuters, 11.07.18

MOSCOW, July 11 (Reuters) - IKAR, one of the leading agriculture consultancies in Moscow, said on Wednesday it had downgraded its forecast for Russia's 2018 grain crop to 112.8 million tonnes from a previously expected 114.7 million tonnes.

∙ Its forecast for Russia's 2018/19 grain exports was cut to 41.0 million tonnes from 43.2 million tonnes.

∙ The estimate for wheat exports was lowered by 500,000 tonnes to 32.5 million tonnes.

∙ Its estimate for wheat output was cut to 70.8 million tonnes from 71.5 million tonnes, for barley by 300,000 tonnes to 17.5 million tonnes and for corn by 500,000 tonnes to 11.8 million tonnes.

IKAR's forecast for Russia's 2018 grain crop includes pulses and grain production in the Crimea peninsula.

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