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Russia – Production of beet sugar in 2017 will reach a record 6.5 million tonnes

Interfax, 22.12.17

Russia this year will produce a record 6.5 million tonnes of beet sugar, the Institute for Agrarian Market Studies (IKAR) predicts. "The production of sugar beet sugar this year can update the record and make 6.5 million tonnes against 6.2 million tonnes last year, " IKAR leading expert Yevgeny Ivanov told Interfax, the IKAR press service reported.

"Only from the harvested plants by 18 December beet can be produced not less than 6 million tonnes of sugar, it has produced 5.69 million tonnes. In addition, part of the beet is in the field piles ah, but it is still about 0.5 million tonnes of sugar", - he specified. According to E.Ivanov, the growth of sugar production will be provided, first of all, due to the high sugar content of beets . So, the yield of sugar this year is 14.16% compared to 13.24% last year.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Agriculture, 51.2 million tonnes of sugar beet were harvested this year against 51.4 million tonnes in 2016. The area under it was 7.9% higher than last year, but the yield was lower by 7.1%. As E.Ivanov has declared, the first one million tonnes of sugar has been developed by September, 13th, by the end of December manufacture of 6 million tonnes is expected. As of December 18, in the south, 17 out of 19 plants completed sugar beet processing, 5 out of 43 plants in the Central Chernozem region. Processing of sugar beet will last until the beginning of March.

E.Ivanov also said that this year the peak supply of sugar in the market will be smoothed by high export rates and some reduction of supplies from Belarus. " In October this year, the market of Uzbekistan was opened for Russian sugar, where 9.2 thousand tonnes were delivered in November, 29.9 thousand tonnes at once in December ," he said. " Deliveries of white sugar from Belarus in November decreased to 2,7 thousand tonnes from 19,1 thousand tonnes in October For half of December the import of sugar has increased slightly - up to 6,2 thousand tonnes, but it is still less than it was before November of this year . "

At the same time, the expert drew attention to the fundamental changes in the sugar trade with Belarus. " Since May of this year, Belarus does not import raw sugar and, most likely, will not do this at least until April 2018. This has not happened for the last twenty years," he said. "But the purchases of sugar in Russia are increasing ."

Referring to the data of the Belarusian statistics, E.Ivanov said that in January-September of this year the import of white sugar to Belarus increased in physical terms 17 times, to 36.8 thousand tonnes, in value terms - 14 times, to USD 20 million. Almost all this is sugar from Russia.

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