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Meat industry

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Meat industry profile

Russian meat industry has been succeeded within last 10 years. Russian became one of the biggest producers in the world though it was the top-1 importer of meat in 2008 year. The significant progress has been achieved in swine and poultry production. As of today Russian meat market capacity amounts 10.7 mln. tonnes and imported meat has only 17% share of total market.

Meat market capacity in Russia

Poultry meat production has boosted for last 5-6 years (CAGR = 11%). Corporate sector has predominant share in total output that is about 94%. However, this industry continues to expand in 2015 year so that poultry meat is the most popular type of meat in Russia. Poultry meat import has fallen sharply after the embargo was set in August, 2014 and now have10% share in total poultry meat supply in Russia. Pork production is also increasing in sector of enterprises but at the same time small farmers and households are in long depression. Beef sector has been aggravating since the 2000-s due to the reduction of cattle herd. Several projects for beef cattle have been implemented for the last 3 years because of significant state support. It should be also noted that domestic production of shell eggs is equaled to 41-42 blns and completely covered the demand in Russia.

Domestic meat production in Russia

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