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Russia and C.I.S. countries are the largest importers of raw sugar. The regional infrastructure plays as a gateway to huge and quickly growing Central Asian market.

The Conference «C.I.S. AND CENTRAL ASIA SUGAR MARKET» is meant to the top managers of trading and industrial companies, large sugar beet producers, representatives of sugar buyers, as well as banks, investment, logistics and insurance companies.

Having in mind the issues discussed and their importance for sugar industry it is anticipated that the Conference will be attended by Mr. A. Gordeev, Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation, as well as CEOs of the largest vertically integrated domestic sugar companies.

Major issues:

- Will the region remain the largest raw cane sugar importer?
- Financial crisis: short-term outlook for imports and sugar beet production in 2009/10
- Global sugar market: from overproduction to tight stocks?
- Modernization of sugar industry: experience of C.I.S. countries
- News and problems of logistics in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
- Presentation of the concept of development of sugar beet and sugar industry in Russia till 2012 and till 2020.

A cocktail reception for Conference delegates.

Conference programm (*.doc)




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